18 Best Travel Mugs for Hot and Cold Drinks

Organized and systematized in a proper way, traveling or camping can be an actual pleasure. From the specific travel gear to some simple travel accessories, we found that there are certain essentials that can maximize your travel experience. Among them, we believe, is a good travel mug. Your trip will never be the same without the comfort of having your favorite beverage at hand, literally.


There are myriads of travel cups and tumblers on the market, so it can be quite challenging to decide on the one that would meet your needs. That is why we paid maximum attention to customers reviews and tests so that you could opt for an appropriate travel drinkware. Also such parameters as size, temperature retention, comfortable grip, durability, stability and others have been taken into account in order to help you pick the best performer. All the travel cups here are sorted for easier navigation. Here they are:

  • classic travel mugs
  • straw cups and tumblers
  • smart travel mugs
  • collapsible travel mugs
  • camping travel mugs


Classic Travel Mugs

Simple, functional and simple again — this is probably the shortest but at the same time the best description for this group of travel mugs. Regardless of their modest design, these cups are excellent additions to any trip routine or your everyday life activities. These are trusty travel tumblers to keep your drink safe on the way to the office, your friend's house, the campsite, etc.


1. Contigo Vacuum Travel Mug

What are your demands for a perfect travel mug? Most likely they include insulation, sleek design, durability, reliability and other to your preferences. But let us add one more point – an easy-clean lid, which is a single connected piece with no additional parts. When the life moves at the fast pace, you need to match it and you will with this modern thermos. It is designed for your comfortability and it cleans up easily. Moreover, this travel mug can boast the autoseal technology, meaning you should not worry about coffee stains or burns anymore. Enjoy your beverage be it hot or cold!

  • Pros: spill-proof, drinks remain hot/cold for really long, it locks and opens easily, more convenient than a thermos, nice design, convenient to grab, a variety of colors, two sizes.
  • Cons: some find the hole hard to drink out of it.
  • Item Size: 16 oz/20 oz (473 ml/590 ml)
  • Price: $16.99/$25.49 BUY NOW


2. Zyliss Travel French Press and Coffee and Tea Mug

If you are looking for a nice to-go-cup to keep you up in the morning while you are hurrying to your job, this one may help. The peculiar thing about it is that this is a French press cup. Convenience is its middle name. It's like having a mini coffee machine on the go – put coffee grounds or tea leaves on the bottom, pour some hot water, use a mesh net, cover a cup with a lid and off you go! This travel mug reminds a standard cup but the inside is what makes it special. By the way, it is on the list of best travel coffee mugs 2017 published by goodhousekeeping.com.

  • Pros: prevents coffee grounds/tea leaves from floating on the surface, a nice idea for a present, durable plastic material, easy to use and clean, inexpensive.
  • Cons: only small size available, not vacuum isolated.
  • Item Size: 12 oz (355 ml)
  • Price: $9.99 BUY NOW


3. Simple Modern Travel Cup

It is an absolutely simple but functional to-go-cup that you can always take anywhere you go. Moreover, it is available in a variety of sizes (from 15 oz to 40 oz) and has a rich color palette. It is vacuum insulated that means it keeps cold or hot drinks for hours. Double walls design guarantees that your hands can be safe from burning. If you decide on pint tumblers, mind that they are stackable for easier storage. The lid is easy to clean and convenient to use. Overall, this is a great travel cup that can efficiently stand daily wear and tear.

  • Pros: a variety of sizes and colors, double walls technology, vacuum insulated, simple but beautiful design, great quality.
  • Cons: awkward drinking experience due to a lid.
  • Item Size: from 12 oz (355 ml) to 40 oz (1183 ml)
  • Price: from $12.99 to $22.99 


4. Ello Campy Travel Mug

If you are in search for a tumbler that looks like a classic cup, pay attention to Ello Campy Mug. It feels and looks like a cup with a round comfy handle and sweet print. But the truth is it is stainless steel and vacuum isolated. In other words, it is quite stylish being absolutely practical and durable. You can use it with or without a lid, in both cases it is good-looking and usable. A lid opening is convenient – sliding instead of popping. No splashes and steam. Start your day with a mug of coffee and have your favorite beverage all day long.

  • Pros: beautiful, 4 colors available, simple, nice lid opening mechanics, vacuum insulated, large size, practical.
  • Cons: outside paint is not scratch resistant.
  • Item Size: 18 oz (530 ml)
  • Price: $16.59 BUY NOW


5. Zojurushi Steel Mug

Another bestseller among the best travel coffee mugs – Zojurushi Mug is to your service! It looks like a thermos but functions like a mug. It lays so comfortably in a hand that you will want to grab it and keep it all day long. A flip lid allows you not only to feel your body with caffeine but enjoy your daily sipping coffee ritual. It's more of personal preferences but some people do appreciate that feeling of a sipping compared to straw-drinking experience. The mug body is quite slim to be easily nestled into a back pocket of your jeans. Do you still need any proofs for why Zojurushi is considered one of the best travel mugs?

  • Pros: sleek and slim design, 7 colors available, simple but practical, convenient lid mechanics, vacuum insulated, 3 sizes.
  • Cons: no.
  • Item Size: 12oz/16oz/18oz (355ml/473 ml/530 ml)
  • Price: $23.99/$24.75/$27.99 BUY NOW


Straw Cups and Tumblers

Hot drinks taste better (or at least it seems so) when you drink them in sips. Cold drinks like soda or iced coffee are made to savor them through a straw. Depending on what beverage you prefer, you may need a straw tumbler. If so, look at this list of most popular travel drinkware with straws.


6. Atlin Tumbler

This travel mug is specifically designed for people on the go who love sipping drinks all day long. Atlin tumbler is durable and sleek to fit a cup holder. The straw is included together with a cleaning brush, which is so important. The lid is sturdy and seals perfectly but mind a straw hole – it is unsafe to throw a cup into a backpack. But if you want to stay hydrated all day long, it is good to keep it with you and treat yourself to a sip of a cold/hot drink. Functional and durable, Atlin tumbler is created for a daily use.

  • Pros: sleek and slim design, fits in a cup holder, dishwasher safe, made of stainless steel, simple but practical, a protective lid, vacuum insulated, capacious.
  • Cons: an aluminum straw can bend.
  • Item Size: 30 oz (887 ml)
  • Price: $15.99 BUY NOW


7. Pineapple Double Wall Insulated Tumbler

Drinking much liquid (tea, lemonade, water, coffee, etc.) is getting trendy these days and stylish drinkware is a must! Among most popular straw cups and tumblers you can find this babe – the Pineapple Tumbler with a straw. Definitely not a unisex travel mug but a great option for active girls. Apart from being really beautiful, this mug is large, sturdy and does not sweat. It can be used at daytime for preventing the risk of dehydration while at night you can use it for some adult beverage. Have a nice time anytime!

  • Pros: very stylish, has a straw and protective lid, large, beautiful colors, dishwasher safe, practical, vacuum insulated, spill free.
  • Cons: no.
  • Item Size: 20 oz (590 ml)
  • Price: $27.78 BUY NOW


8. Iron Flask

If by a travel mug a spill-free vacuum insulated container is presupposed, then a flask would also be considered. No more sweat and wet! The flask has double walls and preserves both cold and hold drinks for long hours. This travel flask is modern and looks sleek. It has a matte finish which is pleasant to touch. And it has nice options for tops, so you can choose what you like for today, for instance, a straw or a flip-up cap. One more thing to add is that the flask is really large, what is beneficial when you have a long trip.

  • Pros: matte finish is wonderful, modern design, several top options, vacuum insulated, large, has two size options, comes in 3 colors, practical, excellent for travel trips, 3 in 1 flask.
  • Cons: some customers complain that a lid leaks.
  • Item Size: 32oz/40oz (945ml/1180ml)
  • Price: $24.95/$26.95 BUY NOW


Smart Travel Mugs

Nowadays even mugs can be smart. Considering that a container deals with drinks of different temperature, 'smart' refers to the ability to control and monitor drink warmth with the help of a gauge that tells the exact temperature of your beverage. In this context, a travel mug is no more a simple utensil but an innovative gear specifically designed to make your life better.


9. Tech Tools Smart Travel Mug

Imagine you have a long drive. There is a limited amount of things that can keep you vigil and concentrated on the road – a cup of good coffee is among them. To make sure you always have hot coffee at the temperature you like (important!), consider on buying a smart travel mug. You will get a safely sealed lid, aroma hot coffee and a super stylish to-go-cup that heats up cold coffee in 15 minutes. It is very easy to operate and a must for long road trip drivers.

  • Pros: practical, easy to use, sturdy, there is a thermometer, you can set up the temperature, a long cord, an O-ring is helpful, excellent for road trips.
  • Cons: an odd shape, no handle would be better.
  • Item Size: 16 oz (473 ml)
  • Price: $29.95 BUY NOW


10. Self-Stirring Mug

You should not necessarily be a lazy-bone to have a self-stirring travel mug. The cup is a life-saver when there is a powdered drink that requires much stirring. To ease that tiresome routine, you'd better make your mug do it for you. No spoon is required, just switch on the cup and enjoy a smoothly stirred beverage. A cup has got a handle and a secure lid to take it on the go. Made of stainless steel, it can stand the test of falling unless you are too persistent in that.

  • Pros: great for drinks that require much stirring, easy to use, sturdy, has a secure lid, nice to go cup.
  • Cons: dishwasher unsafe.
  • Item Size: 16 oz (473 ml)
  • Price: $12.49 BUY NOW


11. Ember Temperature Control Mug

Sometimes little is much, sometimes reserved in ample, sometimes Ember cup is better than any other travel mug. If you are looking for a revolutionary smart insulated drinkware but you are too skeptical about a variety of features and designs, Ember Mug can save you from vain searchers. It is simple and elegant. No straws, handles, cords and sockets – nothing that can get out of order unexpectedly. It is precise – you set up the temperature while the mug preserves it all day long. It has a leak-proof lid, so no stains and spills on your clothes. And you can manage your cup via the mobile app! How many similar travel cups do you know?

  • Pros: has a charging base, elegant and beautiful, matte finished, nice shape to hold, leak-proof, easy to use, sturdy and well-made, perfectly keeps temperature, can be managed through the application.
  • Cons: expensive.
  • Item Size: 12 oz (355 ml)
  • Price: $214.85 BUY NOW


12. Kohi Coffee Brewer

If you a crazy coffee monger as we are, you need this travel cup in your collection of coffee brewers. Why? Because it's like having a pocket-like version of a coffee machine that saves you tons of money you would spend in coffee shops. It is easy to use and wash. All the parts screw together smoothly in a sole unit turning into a compact cup. Note, the lid does not crew or lock, so it is not recommended to lean the brewer for the risk of spillage. It would be a nice present for an office worker who lacks a breakroom at the working place.

  • Pros: brews coffee, a filter is easy to clean, looks neat and compact, easy to assemble and disassemble, easy to wash, pleasant to touch and hold, two color options.
  • Cons: the lid does not screw, small capacity.
  • Item Size: 8.45 oz (250 ml)
  • Price: $20.89 BUY NOW


Collapsible Travel Mugs

Most often travel cups are associated with people leading an active way of life, like those being on the go much time of the day. It's true and fair as well as that travel mugs are normally #1 accessories for hikers, walkers, campers, and backpackers. The demand for travel drinkware is high along with the exact requirements for it. Compactness is the premium claim. We surfed the net in a search of the best collapsible camping cups so it's your turn to decide which one you like.


13. Ezyoutdoor 3 Keychain Cups

This little set will keep you hydrated during any trip. The idea of having a collapsible drinking cup as a keylock is great! There is little chance you forget your keys, right? So there is no chance you leave your cup at home. The lid stays on the cup and prevents it from dust. The cup is made of stainless steel, so no rust and cracks. This is a shiny and polished accessory great for both traveling and extra thirsty conditions. Keychain collapsible travel cups would be a nice present for campers.

  • Pros: very compact and portable, a set of 3 cups of different sizes, inexpensive, well-made, stainless steel.
  • Cons: may collapse unexpectedly when assembled loosely.
  • Item Size: 8oz/5oz/2.5oz (240ml/150ml/75ml)
  • Price: $10.99 BUY NOW


14. ME.FAN Silicone Collapsible Travel Cup

Can a collapsible cup be sturdy? You probably doubt that until you try the ME.FAN cup. This is a small thing that turns into 9.22 oz cup any time you wish. It is like a little bit of magic when in no time a flat item turns into a large cup. Whether you need a travel mug for cold/hot drinks, this little item can hold both – the temperature limit ranges from -40F to 480F. Unlike nesting cups, these ones will never ever leak thanks to durable silicone. Enjoy your safe drinks or snacks during your trips!

  • Pros: set of 4 items, excellent for a family of 4, of different colors, do not leak, well-made, sturdy when full, have dust covers, inexpensive.
  • Cons: no.
  • Item Size: 9.22 oz (270 ml)
  • Price: $12.99 BUY NOW


15. Zeyaa Collapsible Cup

Compact to carry but a big capacity to use – is the motto of Zeyaa cup and there is nothing more to add. Yet we would say that it is really compact but extremely stylish! At first sight one would never recognize silicone, they would take it for plastic or porcelain. The collapsible travel cup is made of high-quality silicone that stands the tests of extreme temperatures. It has a very convenient flip lid with a safety button: first push, then open. In addition, it is a 100% eye-catcher. Bet once you unfold it at your campsite, people will notice it!

  • Pros: beautiful, made of high-quality material, compact, excellent for backpacking, a nice idea for a present, practical and portable.
  • Cons: a holding ring may slip off.
  • Item Size: 12 oz (355 ml)
  • Price: $8.68 BUY NOW


Camping travel mugs

Camping comes together with traveling as well as with adventures, impressions and camping food & drinks. This is where the camping drinkware might be helpful. Camping mugs will help you enjoy your camp herbal tea, strong coffee or hot soup. Surely, there are very many travel cups but here we listed the most popular ones.


16. Titanium Cup

Cups with measurements are always a win-win option be it at home or at the campsite. This lightweight and sturdy travel cup is a must in any extreme and not so trip. You can boil water in it and make tea; read measurements and cook an instant soup; use it as a dipper or a pan. This titanium cup is a versatile travel gear. Like a cup, it has a handle, even two of them but for the sake of easier storage, they are both foldable – an absolutely perfect camping cup! Next time before packing your backpack make sure you have this travel mug on the list of your camping outfits.

  • Pros: easy to store, lightweight, durable, tough, foldable handles, large, has measurements, the bottom is flat.
  • Cons: no lid.
  • Item Size: 15oz/20oz (450ml/600ml)
  • Price: $21.99/$25.99 BUY NOW


17. Stainless Steel Double Wall Coffee Mug

If you think that a stainless steel mug in winter is a real disaster for your hands, you are wrong! This double wall travel mug will protect you from burns and keep your drink hot for long. The cup is great for camping to stand all the difficulties of your adventurous trip. The idea of engraving the name of the color is lovely – no color, yet a name of it. By the way, the mug is camera-friendly and would be a nice accessory to complement with your travel gear ensemble on photos.

  • Pros: durable, tough, has a solid handle, large, the bottom is flat, simple but elegant, stylish engraving, two 'color' options, two in a pack.
  • Cons: no lid.
  • Item Size: 13.5 oz (400ml)
  • Price: $21.97 BUY NOW


18. Maki Stainless Steel Mugs

Have you seen the pictures of campers holding the cups with both hands and sitting at the fire? Lovely and atmospheric, aren't they? If you want to get the same effect (and pictures) of smiling you instead of screaming you because of a burning hot cup, decide on a double wall travel mug. Insulated drinkware is sweat-free, makes no burning, and keeps the drink hot/cold for long. Maki cups go with a handle and lid. Beauty is not the requirement for camping gear but a pleasant bonus to have with this cup.

  • Pros: a handle provides an easy and comfortable grip, comes with a lid, vacuum insulated, does not sweat, two in a pack, keep drinks at a certain temperature for hours, look nice, well-made, 2 in a pack.
  • Cons: a little thin.
  • Item Size: 14oz (415ml)
  • Price: $23.95 BUY NOW


With such a variety of travel mugs, their designs, and features, we hope you found a cup to your liking to make you company during your trips. Enjoy your favorite beverage anywhere any time

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